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Oil Barges Are Effective For Transporting Liquid Cargoes

Barges often also known as pontoons are a type of ship that has the characteristics of a flat hull a ..

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Find Out What are the Main Components in a Ship's Engine!

The ship's engine is useful as a driving force to make the ship able to sail on the ocean. ..


What Needs to be Done for Ship Maintenance?

Maintenance of ships are important to maintain lifetime from the ship itself and keep the ship alway ..

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What is The Approximate Price of Barges That are Widely Used to Transport Goods?

It turns out that a unit of barge is sold at an average price of Rp. 30 billion, while a tugboat is ..

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Coal Barges, Main Transportation to Support Energy Distribution

Coal barges are used to transport coal which is one of the most important minerals for human surviva ..


What is The Function of a Tugboat That Has Great Power?

Tugboats are ships used for maneuvering/movement, mainly pulling or pushing other ships in harbors, ..